Leading In ESG

Leading In ESG

An ESG and impact programme for venture capital investors

About the Programme

‘Leading in ESG’ is a fit-for-purpose training developed to enable venture capital investors to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles across their fund and investment processes. Developed by VentureESG in collaboration with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and KfW Capital, the training is aimed at all kinds of VC funds to equip all types of roles – from investor to portfolio support and IR – with the necessary ESG and impact knowledge.

What it covers

Across eight sessions, VC investors across team functions learn how to integrate ESG in their day-to-day processes. Every session combines practical tools, interactive exercises, case studies and discussions with input from practitioners and experts.

Session 1: What ESG means for VCs and why it matters

Session 2: Internal Fund Management

Session 3: Investment

Session 4: Portfolio Support

Session 5: From ESG to impact

Session 6: Impact measurement

Session 7: First steps

Session 8: ESG for VC partners

Cohort 1


Participating in the first Leading in ESG training cohort was enormously valuable in deepening our understanding of the importance of ESG considerations in seed investing. The training provided us with practical tools and resources to improve the way we integrate ESG analyses into our investment process. On a personal level, we enjoyed the perspectives shared by the various external speakers as well as those of the VentureESG team: with backgrounds in both academia and the investment profession, their approach feels more holistic and flexible, particularly when compared to written-only resources available elsewhere.

Our team has enjoyed participating in the Leading in ESG training - as it finally closes the gap in ESG upskilling for VC professionals. Overall, we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in this initiative and its impact on our investment strategy and approach.


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